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Why summer is the perfect time for extra TLC to your indoor plants

When the days get longer and warmer, it can be easy to forget about indoor plants as we spend more time outside.  Summer, however, is the perfect time to embrace your indoor plants as they improve your environment all year round – they’re not just for brightening up dark days! .  Here are some top tips to help keep your plants healthy and happy in the warmer months.


When it’s warm outside, people often think that indoor plants need extra watering. This is sometimes the case, but generally speaking tropical plants only need water when the soil has started to dry out a little. Even then, don’t be tempted to overdo it or let them sit in too much water.

Plan ahead

If your office is going to be quieter over the summer months due to staff holidays, and you’re usually in charge of caring for your plants, remember to ask someone else in the team to keep an eye on them for you with regular monitoring! Alternatively, call Green Team Interiors to discuss our ongoing plantcare maintenance programme to make sure your plants stay as healthy as possible all year round.

Change your plant’s location

If your usual plant spot gets more direct sunlight than usual during the brighter months, consider moving it to a more shady spot to avoid leaves drying out or burning in the warmer environment.

Remember, if you’re ever concerned about the wellbeing of your office plants, call us to arrange a maintenance visit so we can give your plants a health check! Green Team Interiors design, supply and maintain live plants for offices.