Why plants


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How to improve productivity in your workplace

It’s great to see our favourite topic finally getting the recognition it deserves.  After years of preaching the benefits of plants in the workplace, we are delighted to see the Guardian, the Telegraph and the Daily Mail all doing articles…

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Biophilia is the secret to a productive workplace

Every now and then, we come across a great article outlining some of the many benefits of plants, particularly in the workplace, which we love to share with you. This month, we focus on research from Human Spaces, an online…

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A simple fix to becoming more productive at work

In last month’s issue of Healthy Magazine, we noticed a short article about our favourite topic, the benefits of plants in the workplace.  The magazine referred to a study that was brought to light by the Guardian, the Telegraph and…

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15% increase in productivity

with clear spaces and clear heads

50% rise in creativity

by cultivating inspirational spaces

Reduce anxiety & stress by 50%

with a positive work environment

Reduce air conditioning by 30%

with cleaner & clearer air

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