The Carousel

Floral displays designed by our very own YBF (Young British Florist), vivid colours and stunning displays guaranteed to provide a wow!

Product details

Outstanding floral displays designed by our very own YBFs (Young British Florists) providing vivid colours and stunning arrangements guaranteed to provide a wow!

Perfect for reception areas and open office spaces, boardroom tables or showrooms, The Carousel Collection is as adaptable as it is beautiful and we can match colours to just about any corporate palette.

  • High impact displays perfect for Reception desks and other high profile areas.
  • Changed on a four weekly rotation for a completely new design.

Or would you like to try one of our “So Succulent” displays?

Absolutely on trend for 2020 and beyond, these stunning, low-level displays are ideal for just about any workplace or leisure location. Hand created here in Hampshire, these succulents and cacti are visually striking and incredibly hard-wearing, a genuine conversation starter and completely at home in environments not usually associated with healthy plants, including low- light and high humidity.

  • Great for coffee tables, meeting rooms and kitchen islands.
  • Changed on a four weekly rotation for an entirely new display.

Frequently asked questions

We have fresh flowers on our Reception desk. Would the Carousel or Succulent be a suitable alternative?

Absolutely! The Carousel and Succulent Collections are designed as a more cost effective alternative to fresh flowers without compromising on colour and visual impact.

Will these displays affect my hayfever?

At Green Team Interiors we have great sympathy for the allergy sufferer (in fact we have a few ourselves) so we try to ensure we only use plants that are not scented. For a list of flowering plants used in our displays please get in touch, we’re happy to help!

Will the display be different each time it is changed?

Yes, each new display will include a different bowl and an alternative plant arrangement with matching adornments.

Can I request a certain colour for our Carousel display?

You are more than welcome to customise your displays to suit your individual tastes or requirements subject to a small additional fee.

What is the standard term contract for this display?

The standard term for this range of displays is only 3 months.

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Floral displays designed by our very own YBF (Young British Florist), vivid colours and stunning displays guaranteed to provide a wow!

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Reduce anxiety & stress by 50%

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Reduce air conditioning by 30%

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