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Right plant, right place

Because we know plants and plant design so well, we can advise on the correct type of displays for just about any workplace location and because we do not ‘sell plants by the yard’, we take care to make sure that your plants will thrive in their new home.
But isn’t this the very least that you should expect from a plant company?
Of course it is, but it is only part of our service.
Our maintenance managers visit regularly to make sure that nothing has changed and that your plants are in the best possible condition, after all they are often ambassadors for your company, being one of the first things that visitors see.

Freestanding Plant Displays

No workplace should be without its green heroes and our free-standing plants grace offices across the South East.

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Moss Pictures & Walls

What better way to emphasise your ‘green credentials’ than with a moss wall, offering a genuine opportunity to bring the outdoors, indoors to immense effect.

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Green Screens, Live Pictures & Walls

Vertical indoor gardening at its finest! These beautifully designed displays are the living, breathing embodiment of biophilia.

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The Home Office Collection

Our Home Office Collection features smart plant displays of all sizes, easily maintained and great looking, with all the benefits to health and well being that only living plants can provide.

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The Carousel

Floral displays designed by our very own YBF (Young British Florist), vivid colours and stunning displays guaranteed to provide a wow!

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Imagine, Christmas without the fuss? Well without the fuss of putting up and taking down the office decorations anyway.

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The Carousel Test

Floral displays designed by our very own YBF (Young British Florist), vivid colours and stunning displays guaranteed to provide a wow!

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New to all this?

Need something bespoke? There are literally millions of options we can deliver so if you can't find what you are looking for, get in touch with us and a member of our team will discuss the available options with you.

Our collections

Based on our years of experience supplying clients across various industries and many different offices we have put together a few ideas featuring some of our favourite designs and most popular displays.

The Home Collection

The Home Collection is available to employees of Green Team customers and offers a stunning range of displays designed to 'green' your home.

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Retail & Showroom

Plants do not just add life and colour to shops and shopping centres, they can be used to guide customers to areas of most interest, in fact the proper use of planters can be even more effective than signage when it comes to attracting people to the place you want them.

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Spa, Leisure & Hospitality

This industry presents its own unique set of challenges. Whether it's heavy footfall or mood lighting, our experts can always find a solution. Go on...give us a try.

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The Office Collection

Our office range features striking displays and single plants robust enough to handle air-conditioning (plants help clean the air too), low natural light and high foot traffic because after all, we only ever supply the right plant for the right place, at Green Team Interiors there is no such thing one-size-fits-all.

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How it works


Unlike many of our competitors, we never take renewal for granted, we want you to stay with us at the end of your contract because you love our plants and our service, not because somebody forgot to cancel. This may be a rather unusual statement to lead with but it really is important to us.


Sometimes it might be more appropriate for you to purchase displays rather than enter into a contract for rental. Of course we are delighted to advise on the best way to proceed and any of our displays are available for outright purchase. We still offer the same installation and ongoing maintenance service. Same great plants, same great service!

New to all this?

Green Team Interiors are here to make your life easier. There are a number of things you will need to consider but don't worry, we will walk you through the process.

15% increase in productivity

with clear spaces and clear heads

50% rise in creativity

by cultivating inspirational spaces

Reduce anxiety & stress by 50%

with a positive work environment

Reduce air conditioning by 30%

with cleaner & clearer air

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