For many people, it’s not just Monday that’s Blue

Thankfully the subject of mental health and wellbeing in the workplace has become much easier to talk about in recent years and many responsible employers have introduced strategies to help employees with issues such as stress, anxiety and depression.

The subject is far too complex to cover properly in a simple blog and while we would never consider ourselves qualified to offer anything other than very general information, we are pleased to suggest a few tips that should help to make your workplace healthier.

Take a break – reclaim your lunchtime and step away from the desk, it will clear your head and might offer an opportunity to engage with your colleagues about something other than work.

Do something – We heard a brilliant case of a group of employees taking over the office garden, not quite guerrilla gardening, just a few people digging over a small plot and growing a few herbs and vegetables. Physical activity, group involvement and ingredients for soup…what more could you ask (other than permission from the boss)

Ask for help – Please don’t suffer in silence, speak with someone, you don’t need to completely bear your soul, just tell someone you trust what you are feeling and in starting a conversation you might also be helping somebody else?

Get some plants or flowers – We would say that wouldn’t we? Well yes, but only because it’s true that people work better with plants around them, so if you need some of our fabulous plant displays for your office please do get in touch, or at the very least pick up a bunch of daffs and stick them on your desk…it will be the best £1.00 you spend at the shop or petrol station all day!

A note for employers – There is overwhelming evidence to suggest that supporting staff with mental and physical health issues is good for business. Presenteeism costs business as much as, if not more than, absenteeism, healthy staff work closer to their full potential, BUT and here’s the point…so do employers! Take some time for yourself, even the boss can have Blue Monday’s!

And finally, here are some links to sites that offer practical, professional advice for employees and employers.