The Company:

The impressive new St Anthony’s Outpatient Suite at Raynes Park Health Centre in Surrey was opened by Dr Daniel Poulter, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, at the Department of Health on Monday 28th April 2014.  The new centre will provide patients with excellent primary care, as well as allowing St Anthony’s Hospital to better serve the local community through the new outpatient suite.

Green Team Interiors have worked with St Anthony’s since 2006 and were delighted to be invited to help them design a new planting scheme for the Raynes Park Outpatient Suite.

The Brief:

Joyce Heveran of St Anthony’s contacted Green Team Interiors in June 2013 to invite us to meet with her to discuss how plant displays could be introduced to the new centre and in particular to address a very specific problem.

The Outpatient Suite is located on the 2nd floor of an attractive modern building.  The reception room benefits from floor to ceiling windows, which give a lovely light and spacious feel.  However, this very large expanse of glass could potentially create a serious problem for vertigo sufferers and Joyce felt that plant displays could be used to alleviate this problem, without detracting from the light and spacious feel.

Ruth Neal of Green Team Interiors met with Joyce towards the end of June and it was agreed that a series of planters along the length of the windows would solve the problem.  However, the project was still in the early stages so it was agreed that Ruth would supply an outline proposal to Joyce and conduct a further site visit to confirm the specification.

It was important that the displays should complement the style of the centre, address the “vertigo” issue and also introduce a calming and relaxing ambience.


  • Green Team Interiors worked closely with Joyce Heveran from St Anthony’s to create a scheme that would successfully meet the brief.
  • A series of Linik barrier planters were proposed to run along the window wall in the reception area and also in the adjacent consulting room.  To avoid blocking any light, we used planters which were 45cm high by 75cm in length.  To create a stylish scheme, two varieties of plant were used – selecting Asplenium nidus and Calathea triostar, which we felt should enjoy the amazing light in this area.
  • The plan was to locate one barrier planter in each window panel.  However, the layout of the consulting room meant that this did not work.  To get round the problem, we arranged for a series of 3 Linik barrier planters to be flanked by narrower fluted square planters, which were modified to match the height of the barrier planters.
  • To complement the modified and barrier planters, a single display was proposed for the lift lobby to welcome patients and a very large empty space in the stairwell was filled with a stunning square planter featuring a beautiful Pleomele Song of Jamaica surrounded by Aglaonema maria.
  • The finishing touch was supplied with a Vienna desk bowl featuring Purple Guzmania and surrounded by small Beaucarnea plants to soften.
  • At the second meeting, we consulted colour swatches to ensure that the planters would work well with the design of the centre.  It was decided that the Polished Stardust Silver was the perfect complement.
  • The scheme was installed on 24th March 2014 in good time for the official opening ceremony in April.


The Challenges:

The Outpatient Suite presented a number of interior landscaping challenges. Firstly, when addressing the issue surrounding the floor to ceiling windows, which created a problem for vertigo sufferers, Green Team Interiors had to ensure that the new displays installed did not create an obstruction for patients or St Anthony’s staff.

Secondly, the window panels in the two rooms were different sizes, which meant that Green Team Interiors had to alter the original plans and introduce 2 Kubik planters, which were modified to match the height of the barrier planters.

Thirdly, the large space under the stairs of the clinic was subject to varying light levels. Therefore, Green Team Interiors included the Pleomele Song of Jamaica, which thrives under bright indirect light.



  • Planter types:
    Linik 45cm high barrier planters
    Kubik planters modified to 45cm high
    Kubik planter 72cm high
    Cube planter 60cm square
  • Plants introduced included:
    Asplenium nidus
    Calathea triostar
    Kentia palm
    Pleomele Song of Jamaica
    Aglaonema Maria
    Guzmania with small Beaucarnea