The Company:

Old Mutual Wealth is the leading wealth management business in the UK and internationally, helping to create prosperity for the generations of today and tomorrow.

It has an adviser and customer offering spanning:

  • Financial advice delivered by the Intrinsic network in the UK and AAM Advisory in Singapore
  • Platform based wealth management products and services delivered by Old Mutual Wealth in the UK and Old Mutual International globally
  • Asset management solutions delivered by Old Mutual Global Investors
  • Discretionary investment management delivered by Quilter Cheviot.

Old Mutual Wealth oversees £107.1 billion in customer investments (as at 31 March 2016).

Old Mutual Wealth is part of Old Mutual plc, a FTSE 100 group that provides life assurance, asset management, banking and general insurance. Old Mutual is trusted by more than 18.9 million customers across the world and has a total of £327.9 billion assets under management (as at 31 December 2015).


The Brief:

Old Mutual Wealth were looking for a new provider with a fresh approach and an understanding of what they were trying to achieve.

How Green Team Interiors met the Brief:

Following several meetings to discuss options, Green Team Interiors came up with a way to define each area;  4 x Tower planters per balcony, each floor featured a different colour with the same planting to give a cohesive and identifiable effect.

oldmutual-2 oldmutual-3

The Specification:

The planters included:

  • Fresh Orange Curvy S
  • Fresh Orange Bridget
  • Towik planters in a range of bright colours (Dark Green, Light Green, Vibrant Blue, Deep Red, Fresh Orange and Brilliant White)

oldmutual-4 oldmutual-5

Plants introduced included:

  • Carousel Collection
  • Anthurium
  • Sansevieria Black Coral
  • Asplenium Nidus
  • Spathiphyllum
  • Ficus Ginseng
  • Zamioculcas
  • Philodendron Congo Green
  • Cucas Revoluta
  • Aglaonema Key Lime
  • Aglaonema Cleopatra
  • Calateo Triostar