The Company:

Autodesk is a world leader in 3D design software for the manufacturing, construction, engineering, and entertainment industry. Autodesk give customers the power to solve their design, business and environmental challenges. Design and architecture are key elements reflected throughout the brand, from their working environment to the service they provide their clients.

The Brief:

In November 2011, Autodesk were in the process of moving into new premises in Farnborough. They approached Green Team Interiors to help transform, what was then a building site, into a design‐led, creative working environment that reflected the design‐ conscious ethos of the company.

The transformation of the working environment was to take place in 2 phases.

Phase 1:

Green Team Interiors were asked to create an interior planting scheme for the reception and atrium space of the new building, which reflected Autodesk’s design‐led brand image in a visually striking, yet unobtrusive manner.


1. Green Team Interiors worked closely with Donna Bourne, Autodesk’s Regional Facilities Manager for Northern Europe, to create a scheme concept that would reflect the company’s brand image, as well as showcasing the new premises.

Traffic flow within the space was an important consideration. Green Team Interiors also needed to ensure the scheme was practical, whilst enhancing the surroundings, capturing the attention of clients, creating a wow‐factor and maintaining the design ethos of the brand.

2. Having developed a range of suitable schemes that would suit the style of the brand, as well as the space and environment, Green Team Interiors presented the concepts to Autodesk. A predominantly monochrome scheme was decided upon, which would complement the stylish, contemporary nature of the brand and building.

3. Green Team Interiors worked closely with the Autodesk facilities team to reference the red lighting display centrepiece in the reception area, by introducing a complementary vibrant red into the monochrome scheme.


Green Team Interiors first met with Autodesk on the 24th of November and were asked to deliver the new planting scheme by the 19th of December, when the new offices were scheduled to open.

Green Team Interiors had to work very closely with their suppliers and the Autodesk team to overcome the tight deadline and deliver the project on time.

The Results:

Green Team Interiors design scheme introduced two tall Curvy S planters in white and black, containing Yucca tips, into the reception area. These were complemented by seven Curvy Marilyn planters interspersed throughout the reception and atrium areas in red, black & white, containing Spathiphyllum and red Anthurims. The result was a stylish, elegant and impactful design, which reflected the contemporary styling of the Autodesk brand.

Phase 2:

Autodesk asked Green Team Interiors to extend their interior planting scheme into the communal work spaces, referred to internally as ‘neighbourhoods’ and ‘communication hubs’. Autodesk required the planting style to vary across the different work areas, yet still remain consistent with the styling of the reception space.


1.Green Team Interiors extended the monochrome theme by introducing a combination of Curvy S and Curvy Marilyn planters into the office areas. The black and white styling complemented the splashes of colour introduced through the interior furnishings. The objective was to create a stimulating work environment.

2. Autodesk introduced two low, contemporary black sofas into the internal reception area. In order for the planter to seamlessly fit within the space, Green Team Interiors commissioned two bespoke white barrier planters.


Whilst completing ‘phase two’, Autodesk asked Green Team Interiors to assist with a health and safety issue. A flat screen television in the canteen area was positioned lower than originally planned presenting a potential safety hazard. Green Team Interiors came up with a perfect solution by positioning two further planters either side of the screen. This arrangement not only acts as a barrier but also creates an aesthetically striking feature.

The Results:

Green Team Interiors introduced a variety of plants carefully selected to balance the horticultural and aesthetic demands of the environment. All plants chosen would need to thrive in the prevailing light levels and environmental conditions of the work space.

The Schefflera Compacta bush, in Curvy S planters, were specifically chosen to create a ‘hedge‐ like’ effect, to help maintain the office layout and create a division between the different work spaces.

The Spec:

• Total number of planters: 23
• Planter types: Curvy S, Curvy Marilyn and bespoke Barrier planters
• Plants introduced: Asplenium nidus, Yucca tips, Spathiphyllum, Schefflera Compacta, Red Anthurium, White Anthurium + Beaucarnea.