Our Team

At Green Team Interiors, our interior plant maintenance and design team are our greatest asset. ‘Green Teamers’ come in all shapes and sizes, age ranges and backgrounds.

Our team enjoy a diverse range of interests and hobbies, which includes, travelling, camping, football coaching to Junior side (and long suffering Blackpool supporter), festivals, music, gardening (not so surprising), reading and yoga.

So what makes a great ‘Green Teamer’?

What we all share, is a dedication to outstanding customer service, a commitment to “a better way” of doing business and a passion for plants, all reinforced by honesty, integrity and a sense of fun.

The Green Team

The word Team was incorporated into our name for a good reason. Each ‘Green Teamer’ brings their own experience, skills and personality into the organisation and together we make a strong and balanced team, ably equipped to deliver outstanding customer service and delight our customers.