Show your employees you care this Valentine’s Day

At Green Team Interiors, we always look forward to the month of February. The days start getting noticeably longer, the first signs of Spring appear, and it marks the end of a long, dark winter spent mostly indoors. And of course, it’s the month of romance too – there’s a lot to love about February!

This Valentine’s month, consider spreading the love to your employees by breathing new life into your work environment. If don’t have office plants – or if you do but the scheme looks a bit tired, now could be the time to energise and lift your workspace.

Research has proven that living foliage instills a sense of renewed positivity amongst colleagues and significantly reduces absenteeism by up to 25% – benefitting both your business and your employees.

This, along with an increase in productivity and creativity, leads to a more harmonious and motivated workforce. After long winter months stuck indoors, the fresher, cleaner air will help the atmosphere feel less stuffy and will show the most important people in your business that you really care about their health and wellbeing!

Get in touch with our team today to find out how interior landscaping can bring love to your office this Valentine’s Day.