Is your minimalist office affecting your business performance?

It is estimated that on average, office workers in the UK will spend the equivalent of five years of their life sat at their desk.  So when it comes to thinking about your office environment, it’s important to create an atmosphere that inspires and motivates…  helping staff enjoy their working day as much as possible.

In the past, office design focussed on white walls and minimalist furniture whilst fluorescent lighting might have been favoured because of its simple lines and easy maintenance.  The effect on staff morale, motivation and overall happiness, however,  is more significant than you might realise.
So whilst vivid artwork, bright carpets and cluttered furniture might not be to your taste, consider landscaping your office with living plants and flowers.  It’s a recognised way to make your office look more vibrant and healthy, with very little effort or change to your existing office layout.

A recent study from Exeter University proves what many have been speculating for years: living plants in your workplace increases productivity by up to 15%.  The report found that bringing in even just a few additional plants influenced the way people felt about their work, their colleagues and their environment almost immediately.  The office plants were providing renewed energy, enthusiasm and more creative thinking. The study also reported that businesses who introduced greenery into their environments saw improved levels of retention and reduced staff sick days – making a happier, more profitable business overall.

So when it comes to natural office landscaping that benefits your employees and your bottom line, the question remains; can your business afford not to invest in office plants?