Why investing in plants for your office can help reduce staff sickness.

It’s well known that office plants make your space look better, but studies have shown that they help your staff feelbetter too. Investing in plants is a cost-effective way to improve your business productivity by reducing staff sickness, helping to increase staff retention and creating a more profitable business all round.

For many office workers, their place of work is an enclosed space with little or no natural light.  This, coupled with the fact that many employees don’t take a lunch break (or just make a quick trip to the staff canteen), means there is little opportunity to breathe in fresh air during the working day.

Unlike some industries such as construction, the hazards in an office environment aren’t always that obvious. Occupational allergies and other respiratory illnesses can be caused by dust in the air from carpet or paint.  This can lead to an onset of migraines, coughs and colds which inevitably increase staff sickness.

Bringing plants into your work environment helps to significantly reduce indoor pollutants, by reducing dust, bacteria, mould and CO2 – creating a cleaner and fresher environment for everyone. And the health benefits aren’t just physical. Plants also enable more oxygen to get into our brains, positively impacting our state of mind, decreasing feelings of fatigue and depression, whilst boosting energy – improving our sense of wellbeing overall.

So with both employees and businesses benefitting from adding plants to your work environment, why not consider plants as a cost-effective way to improve your working space and team morale?  Contact Green Team Interiors for more information about our office plant services and how we can help you transform your business today.