Give in to greenery… or why office plants could be your perfect business partner

Plants add more to an office than just a decorative touch. Not only do they detox and purify the air, but their natural foliage can improve job satisfaction, feelings of happiness and motivation more than any other form of interior design.

There’s no question that people are naturally drawn to nature – be it a picture of wildlife, a tropical fish tank or an open window overlooking a park. So whilst ‘clean’ modern offices with little natural light or air may look sleek and easy to maintain, the negative effect on people’s mood and general feelings of wellbeing in the workplace can be huge.

Considering how much time we spend in the office nowadays (often more than 40 hours per week), giving something back to your team and showing them you care by placing a potted plant on each desk could make all the difference.  After all, office plants are proven to boost attentiveness and motivation, increase productivity, and reduce fatigue and sick days.

It’s important to remember that the most effective working spaces not only have large plants in reception and communal areas, but add some greenery in every employee’s working line of vision – providing something positive to focus on.

So when your business is ready to go green  by adding plants to the workplace, give Green Team Interiors a call. Together we can look at what’s working for you at the moment, and where improvements can be made, no matter how enclosed your space might currently seem.